XspfExtensionWriter Class Reference

#include <XspfExtensionWriter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XspfExtensionWriter (XspfExtension const *extension, XspfXmlFormatter *output, XML_Char const *baseUri)
 XspfExtensionWriter (XspfExtensionWriter const &source)
XspfExtensionWriteroperator= (XspfExtensionWriter const &source)
virtual ~XspfExtensionWriter ()
void write ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void writeExtensionBody ()=0
virtual XML_Char const *const * getNamespaceRegs ()
XspfExtension const * getExtension ()
XspfXmlFormatter *& getOutput ()
XML_Char const * getBaseUri () const

Detailed Description

Writes a XspfExtension to a XspfXmlFormatter.

Definition at line 64 of file XspfExtensionWriter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XspfExtensionWriter ( XspfExtension const *  extension,
XspfXmlFormatter output,
XML_Char const *  baseUri 

Creates a new XspfExtensionWriter object.

extension Extension to write
output Output formatter to write to
baseUri Absolute base URI to reduce URIs against, is NULL if only absolute URIs are wanted

XspfExtensionWriter ( XspfExtensionWriter const &  source  ) 

Copy constructor.

source Source to copy from

virtual ~XspfExtensionWriter (  )  [virtual]

Destroys this XspfExtensionWriter object and deletes all memory associated with it.

Member Function Documentation

XML_Char const* getBaseUri (  )  const [protected]

Returns the base URI in use.

Base URI, can be NULL

XspfExtension const* getExtension (  )  [protected]

Returns the extension to be written.


virtual XML_Char const* const* getNamespaceRegs (  )  [protected, virtual]

Returns a list of the namespaces used inside the extension body. Moreprecisely this is an alternating NULL-terminated list of URI/prefix pairs.

List of URI/prefix pairs

XspfXmlFormatter* & getOutput (  )  [protected]

Gives access to the XML formatter in use.

XML formatter reference

XspfExtensionWriter& operator= ( XspfExtensionWriter const &  source  ) 

Assignment operator.

source Source to copy from

void write (  ) 

Writes the associated extension to the output formater.

virtual void writeExtensionBody (  )  [protected, pure virtual]

Writes the extension body.

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